Introducing Nova

Posted by Jeff P. on Sep 23, 2020

Today, I'm excited to introduce the Nova project, an ambitious project to start a new country with a pro-liberty government.

Nearly everyone in the West says they believe in liberty, yet nowhere in the world is there a truly free country. It seems every government wants to tell its citizens what they can't do, what they can't say, and what they can't buy or sell. By contrast, Nova will guarantee social and economic freedoms, becoming the freest country in the world!

You may be wondering, how can we actually create a new country when all land is currently owned? The answer is simple: we're going to buy sovereign land. There are a number of less affluent countries with a lot of unused land. Many of them already have or are offering SEZs, or Special Economic Zones, small areas where the law is more open than the rest of the country. Nova can offer them similar trade and investment benefits of a SEZ, since a new city will trade with and employ citizens of the neighboring country. Further, we can offer a payment financed by GDP-linked bonds, or bonds backed by the government of Nova and pegged to its GDP. As long as the population of Nova grows rapidly, these bonds will be very valuable, which will allow us to finance it in the first place.

Let's work out some specific numbers to show how this plan is viable. First, how much does sovereign land cost? Historically, large sovereign land purchases run around $80 - $600 / km^2 in today's dollars. More expensive sovereign land purchases can run over $1 million / km^2. (I will cover historical land purchases in a later blog post) If we wanted a small city-state that was 10 km by 10 km, or 100 km^2, that comes to a price of anywhere from thousands at a minimum to millions at the high end.

Granted, no country is going to sell their land for just millions of dollars. There has to be something more useful they get out of it. What we offer in addition is spillover effects, much like SEZs, or Nobel prize winner Paul Romer's charter cities: an increase in trade and jobs for their citizens. After all, if a country had the opportunity at developing a new Hong Kong or Singapore as a neighbor over the next thirty years, and all it took was selling a little bit of sparsely used land, many countries would take that offer.

As you can see, this plan is a problem of collective action. If nobody wants to create Nova, then it will never get off the ground. But if we can show that thousands and thousands of people are involved and excited about Nova, then the future looks promising, which will cause governments and banks to take it seriously.

Why does the world need Nova? While the world has gradually become freer over the centuries, there's still much progress remaining.

We desire a country where civil and economic liberties are guaranteed! We desire a country where individuals have real power over their lives! If this appeals to you, sign up today and help us grow the movement!

This blog post was written by Jeff P., a member of the Nova community. The views and opinions expressed in this post are the author's own and are not necessarily shared by all of Nova.

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